Work Environment

The demise of American manufacturing is a gross distortion of the facts. U.S. companies are ‘rightsizing’ and choosing locations for their manufacturing facilities that put them closer to their markets, whether here or abroad. While getting closer to markets and reducing costs are major motivators for locating manufacturing, finding a location that is attractive to a talented workforce is also an important motivation. GSM has invested in creating a manufacturing facility that not only provides transportation advantages and access to major markets for its customers’ products, but one that will change the perception of manufacturing as “blue collar” or as being a “dirty” environment. We take our commitment to our community and the future of its young people seriously, as seriously as we take our customers. That’s why we built a leading edge fabricating facility that is not only extremely efficient and respectful of our environment, but one that turns the notion of “blue collar workers” on its head.

Corporate Citizenship


Corporate citizenship is more than a buzz phrase. It means conducting business in a way that respects the environment, respects the well-being of the people that live and work in that environment, and that continually reinvests in the community.

Whether through the quality and hygiene of our facilities, the many community organizations in which our team members are involved, or through the development of our people individual by individual, GSM is committed to contributing to the health, safety and well-being of our community and our industry.