“General Stamping & Metalworks provides a proven platform of collaborative engineering, expert fabrication, and strategic supply chain capabilities that enable manufacturers to deliver superior products, scale their operations, and protect their brands.”

Value-driven Solutions

Companies that survive continually drive down costs, but companies that thrive drive up value. At GSM, we know that for today’s OEM’s, value in fabricated metal parts is driven by more than cost.

Value is more than cost. It starts with an understanding of what our customer is trying to achieve with a particular part or assembly. Focusing on value instead of just cost results in our looking at a fabricating opportunity comprehensively–from our supply chain to yours and everywhere in between. Our manufacturing engineers work to understand the function of your part or assembly to optimize the method of manufacture. Our Supply Chain Group evaluates suppliers, warehousing and distribution options to take out unnecessary costs and ensure on-time delivery. Continuous improvement and skills training keeps our defect rate extremely low and ensures your parts are made to your specifications.

Quality Control is Cost Control

To control costs, we control quality in everything we do. From continuous process improvement to meticulous maintenance of our facilities and equipment, we control costs by eliminating impediments to efficient production. We scrutinized every input to our production processes to identify “distractors” to the manufacturing process. Improved vetting of our suppliers ensures we work only with the best to obtain the right materials and supplies at competitive prices.



  • Robotic bending cell for large parts - 242 lb. workpiece capacity
  • 15 precision hydraulic brakes from 90 to 360 tons
  • 3 high-speed electric brakes
  • Off-line programming with full simulation capabilities
  • 6-axis back gauging
  • In-line measurement for automatic bend angle correction
  • Extensive selection of rectangular dies and mandrels
  • Four-roll plate rolling CNC technology
  • Multi-radius plate roll profiles
  • Maximum cross-section 0.25" x 72"
  • Tube Bending up to 6" diameter

2D Laser Cutting

  • 14 lasers up to 10,000 watts
  • Maximum material thickness
    Carbon steel - 1.00 in
    Stainless steel – 1.50 in
    Aluminum – 1.00 in
  • Maximum working area – 78 x 157

3D Laser Cutting

  • Trumpf tube lasers for high productivity manufacturing and precise, high quality results


  • Trumpf TruPunch technology enables simple to complex applications with excellent surface and edge quality
  • Energy and material resource efficiency for extremely economical production with punching, forming and deburring in one operation
Robotic and Manual Welding

  • Full service welding capabilities
  • Carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum
  • In-house tooling design and fabrication
  • Eight 6-axis robotic weld stations equipped with servo-driven auxiliary axis arms including 1000" x 50" large capacity swing
  • Pulse and short circuit transfer methods
  • Thickness range from .40" to 1.0"
  • AWS-certified welders
  • On staff welding engineer and CWI

  • Full range of presses from 80 to 2,000 ton
  • Progressive and line dies
  • Coil thickness from .040" to .500", width to 36”
  • High-strength steels, stainless and aluminum
  • 10-ton cranes
  • Drawing depth up to 8”
  • In-die tapping
  • Tool and die department with full design-build capabilities
  • Managed spares program
Tube Fabrication

  • Fully automated 3600 Watt Tube Laser can cut 10" round and up to 3/8" thick material
  • The 5 programmable axes enable us to cut a variety of shapes including round, oval, square and rectangular
  • Tube bending up to 6" diameter, 10 axis multi-stack CNC bending

  • 24-hour quote turnaround
  • 5 Horizontal Machining Centers; w/4-axis capability and 16"X16"X24" capacity
  • 4-axis machining to 12" X 8" X 8"
  • Precision turning to .0004"
  • Highly skilled machinists experienced across a wide range of industries
  • Full range of machining capabilities
  • In-house design capability
  • Prototype Machining

    • From simple to complex 3D parts
    • Rapid turnaround for quotes and prototype parts
    • Low volume production parts
    • Expert support to help you engineer prototypes for maximum machinability
    • Capacity to ensure responsiveness and quick delivery
    • Prototype turning
    Tool & Die

    • Full design/build capability
    • Nine Journeyman Tool & Die Makers
    • Progressive dies
    • Line dies
    • Draw dies
    • Weld fixtures
    • Check fixtures
    • SolidWorks, Logopress3 and MasterCam
    Warehousing & Fulfillment

    • Cross docking for expediting shipping needs
    • Pick & pack for service parts
    • Order fulfillment for speed to market
    • Short-term & long-term contract warehousing
    • Inventory control & management
    Kitting & Assembly

    • Reduce inventory by storing component products and finalizing product kits just before delivery
    • Respond quickly and economically to increased retailer demand
    • Procurement of materials and components for kits, field packs and project integrations
    • Inventory management of packaging supplies, WIP, finished goods